• Abstract Prof Jacob Seidell


Fruits and Vegetables in a Healthy Diet for NCD

Professor Jacob C. Seidell

VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

An epidemic of chronic non-communicable diseases is sweeping the globe. It is afflicting especially vulnerable groups in urban settings. Upstream factors include societal problems such as loss of social cohesion, chronic stress, poverty and unhealthy food environments.

The high and increasing intake of ultra-processed foods lead to an increase in the intakes of sugar, salt and trans fatty acids. Energy dense, nutrient poor foods are the most attractive option to many consumers in terms of price, convenience, taste and availability.

This is at the expense of minimally processed or unprocessed basic foods such as fruits and vegetables. Creating healthy food environments that make the healthier choice the easiest choice is necessary. This requires regulation of the food environment by national and local governments as well as voluntary inputs by agriculture, the food industry and consumers.

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